Buy iPhone 6 For 50% OFF On Jumia Using This Voucher – #JumiaMobileWeek Day 5

First and foremost, i apologize if this is coming late but i have had a kinda stressful day and that’s why i haven’t been consistent in dropping coupon / voucher codes in a timely manner but not to worry, here is a voucher code to be used before 4PM.

If you are reading this post before 4PM today the 5th of June, 2015, you are lucky as you could get the Apple iPhone 6 for 50% off the normal price. Sounds really cool right?

iPhone 6 64GB gold on jumia

You won’t be getting just any iPhone 6 for 50% off, you will be getting the iPhone 6 64GB Gold version. I am sure you can’t possible say no to that. Please note, this is going to be available to only the first 50 customers who use the coupon at 4PM today. Hence, you have to be fast. I mean, superfast!

Voucher Code To Be Used in Getting The iPhone 6 For 50% Off – Jumia Mobile Week Day 5

When it is exactly 4PM, visit the iPhone 6 sales page on Jumia Here, Apply the below code during checkout:


Please note, you have to be superfast. I would advise using a computer or using your phone browser and not the Jumia App. I would also advice you log into your jumia account before the time and even add the phone you intend buying to cart. Wait at the check out page and when it is exactly 4PM, apply the above voucher code so you could get the 50% discount before anyone else does.

If any new voucher code shows up after 4PM, we will communicate it to you alongside the time using the comment session.

Happy Shopping!

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