Instagram Introduces Trending Tags and Places To The Photo Sharing App

Over the years, Instagram has proved to be no doubt, one of the best photo sharing app and perhaps, the top as millions of photos and videos are uploaded to the social sharing app on a daily basis.

Few hours back, some new features where introduced to the app which includes Trending Tags, Places as well as improvements to the search tool and redesigned explore tab.

Instagram application update

The trending tags and places is aimed at giving users a real-time look at what’s happening nearby and all over the world. We are guessing it could be likened to that of twitter trends. The Trend tag should also give users a chance to connect with other people around the world.

Please note, the redesigned explore tab is currently only available in the US. We are hoping soon, it would be launched to other regions. However, the search tool has been improved for everyone in respective of their location thereby making it possible for you to make searches by location.

If using an iOS phone, please launch the App store and chose to update the instagram application. If using an android phone, please launch the playstore app and choose to update the app.

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