Here Is Everything You Should Know About The iOS 9 – Infographic

The news on the upcoming iOS 9 operating system for iPhone and iPad isn’t actually new. Recently, a public beta version was launched. Ordinarily, beta versions are meant to be tested by beta tester but Apple chooses to make the version available to the public for testing. We haven’t actually installed the public beta test on our device as it is advisable you shouldn’t use it on your day to day device. However, iOS 8.4 is already rocking the iPhone and iPad devices and we already have our iOS device running iOS 8.4 OS.

A little peck into what’s new on the iOS 8.4

No significant change. The major noticeable update is that of the Music library. It has been completely redesigned and a whole lot of new features has been added as well. The logo as also been redesigned as well.

Music Player on iPhone running iOS 8.4

music player interface on iOS 8.4

Other improvements on the iOS 8.4 includes Audiobook playback moving to the built-in iBooks app with support for CarPlay while textbooks created using iBooks Author will now be available on the iPhone.

If your device is running on iOS 8.3, the new update is just about 218MB. It is highly recommended that you update your device to its latest software update.

Now, Back To The iOS 9

In regards the upcoming iOS 9, new features are said to being introduced. Like in the case of the Siri feature, it is now much more smarter than what it used to be. In the case of iPad, multitasking just got better as you can use two apps side by side similar to the way it is done on a Computer.

Battery life is said to be improved as well as improved security. Nine Hertz has been able to give a full infographic in regards everything you need to know about iOS 9 and you can view it below:

Everything you should know about iOS 9

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