Infinix Hot Note Won’t Power On After Trying To Flash Using SP Flash Tool – Tips To Follow

Still on the topic that has to do with repairing a bricked Infinix hot note phone, we’d like to let you in on the concluding part which has to do with tips on what to do when your Infinix hot note or any other MTK phone refuses to turn on.

On the post where we talked exclusively on how to unbrick a bricked Infinix hot note device, we made mention of the fact that our Infinix hot note phone went on coma for like 4 days. This happened after there was an interruption in the flashing process using SP Flash tool.

Based on researches so far, our experience wasn’t special. The phone won’t turn on if there is an interruption in the flashing process. Hence, you shouldn’t say RIP to your Infinix hot note android phone just yet, the phone just needs to cool off.

MTK Phone not turning on

While you are wondering how to fix the sudden refusal to turn on, please note that the tips we are going to be laying out here ain’t for Infinix hot note alone, it’s virtually for every MTK android phone. Hence, if you experience same issue with your tecno phone, innjoo, Gionee or any other MTK phone, just follow the tips below:

Tips To Fixing MTK Android Phone Not Turning On

For Removable Phone Batteries

  • If the battery is removable, you should remove the battery for a while and then fix it back and charge afterwards.
  • You can also try using a desktop in boasting the battery and continue charging using the phone.
  • It might take consistent charging before the phone decided to power on.

For Non-Removable Phone Batteries

Like in the case of the Infinix hot note, the battery is non-removable.

  • In such case, you should try charging using your computer for a few hours before reverting back to power outlet. You can continue doing this at intervals.
  • If opportune, leave the phone on charge for longer periods and if after doing this for like two days and there’s no improvements, keep the phone for like 2 days without charging. After that, you can try turning on and hopefully, the device might turn on.

When the device turns on, leave it to charge for like an hour before commencing the flashing process again and this time, make sure there is no interruption during the flashing process.

In our case, it took like 4 days before the device revived back and we made sure there was no interruption when commencing the flashing process and everything worked fine. Device is still working very well till date. Best of lucks!

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  • hi. pls help me. I was using my infinix hot 4 to watch videos online when suddenly it hung and then switched off. It hasn’t turned on since then.what should I do.

  • my infinix hot 4 bricked not booting not showing charging logo and i follow the instruction of charging for 2-4 days but still not being recognize by sp flash tool. is there no other way apart from charging

  • As a result of one interruption or the other in sp flash tool you might get your devices bricked{not powering or showing the charging bar when plugged to an electricity output or your device is showing USB not recognized when connected to PC} not to worry follow the steps to get your devices up and running in no time!

    1. You have to open your device carefully! Make sure you have the right instruments for that if you’ve successful done that then the next step…
    2.Locate the chip close to the battery at the top right corner of your device
    3.Carefully remove the clip and insert it back (be very careful)
    To figure out if you’ve actually done the right thing try powering your device.. Your device should come on at this point with the infinix boot logo
    If that happens know you’re on the right track if it doesn’t try again
    At that point your device is going to show only the infinix logo because there is no ROM to boot into as a result of the so flash tool error so all you have to do now is
    4. Open sp flash tool and click on scatter loading
    5. Locate your scatter file of the rom you want to flash and click on firmware upgrade and click DOWNLOAD wait for the process to complete and that’s it !

    Your device is back to life :lol

    I HOPE THIS HELPS go to here http://bbs.infinixmobility.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3851 for more details

  • My hot 4 x557 went off suddenly whilst I was playing game on it about 4 days ago and doesn’t power on after the series of charging.
    Help me out, pals

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