See The Minimum Requirements (Specs) For Mobile Phones To Upgrade To Windows 10 OS

Since sometime around late 2014, the talk on the Windows 10 operating system has been everywhere. Since then, there has been events upon events disclosing new features to be expected on the windows 10 OS. Of course, everyone would love to upgrade to their phone’s latest OS in other to work with new features that are introduced.

Just before we go into the minimum requirements in terms specifications required for mobile devices to upgrade to windows 10, It would only be nice to state that the Windows 10 operating system went live yesterday for PCs (Personal Computers). Hence, if your PC meets the requirement for windows 10, it would be in your best interest to upgrade the earliest you can.

For Windows Mobile users, the windows 10 OS won’t be available till sometime around November when the OS is expected to be rolled over.

Windows 10 OS on mobile phones

While we are anticipating this OS release for phones running windows OS, I am sure you’d like to know the chances of your devices meeting up to the requirement and perhaps, enjoying the new OS ride.

Microsoft via Windows Central and their official website, has published the minimum requirements to which mobile devices can upgrade to windows 10. From the requirements published, it is no much different from the specs required for windows 8.1 OS. Almost every phone running Windows 8 will be able to upgrade to windows 10 when it is launched.

Minimum requirement for windows phones to run windows 10 OS
From the image above, it shows that mobile devices with display resolution of at least 800 x 480, RAM Size of 512MB, 4GB internal storage plus VGA camera will be able to upgrade to the latest OS.

Considering this minimal requirements, it is evident Microsoft is trying to put thing in place by making almost every phone running on windows OS, get the windows 10 update. That way, more OEMs will be interested in producing more devices that will run on the latest windows OS which would in-turn, result in more publicity and more money. Hmmmmmmm Nice One!

Remember that your old windows phone you had abandoned? I think it’s time you revisit it and prepare it for the big bang.

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