MobDro App – Watch All DSTV Channels On Android and Blackberry 10 Phone For Free

Technology is no doubt, making life more interesting in one way or the other. You can actually watch DSTV channels for free on your android and blackberry 10 phones using the MobDro App.

Are you not getting enough from your TV channels and you wish you could watch more channels? Are you in no place close to your TV and you do not want to miss out on an important program? Say Hello to Mobdro.

Mobdro is a service will allows you live stream DSTV channels for free on your phone using the application. The app is no easy to use and requires no registration before usage. All you need do is download the app, choose to comply with their terms and conditions and you are on your way to watching movies, music, sports and much more right from your phone. Sweet right?

You can watch all of your favourite channels via the app. Channels like MTVBase, E! Entertainment, Sony Max, Sky Sports, ESPN and more. You can even make your search for channels on the app easier by simply using the category. Category displays News, Shows, Movies, Sports, Music, Tech and more. Under those categories, you’d find channels that relates with the subject.

download mobdro app for streaming tv channels on android

So far so good, this app is really cool and streaming is very easy. However, you will need a stable network in other to enjoy movies via the app. I’d also advice that if you connected to an unlimited data plan or perhaps, a plan which gives you more data for less money if you want to stream movies over a long period of time.

Where Do I Download Mobdro

You can download the app from HERE. Please note that it is exclusively for android and BB10 phone users. iPhone and iPad users can make sure of TVontheGo which can be downloaded from itunes store.

As expected, you may be disturbed with some ads but these ads do not show up while watching movies. They could show up when you choose to stop watching a movie and cannot be stored until the time of the ads elapse. If you do not want to be disturbed by the ads and sorts, you can just activate the premium plan which costs just 2.99€ (N700) per year. I think that’s a good deal.

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