Xender / Flashshare App Is Coming to Windows Phone Soon

On an earlier post where we talked on the flashshare application, one of the frequent request i got via comments is getting flash share on windows phone. Currently, there is no flash share app version for windows phone, however, the app developers has confirmed that there will be a windows phone version real soon. This was confirmed via their facebook page and you can see the proof below:

Xender / flash share on windows phone
For those who don’t know, there is really no difference between the xender app and the flash share app. As a matter of fact, if the app you have on your phone is flash share and the app you have on another phone is xender, you can send files between both phones using the xender app to the flash share and vice versa.

For blackberry 1o users, you can actually use the xender app as against the flash share app. You can read this post for more information on that.

Back to the main subject if this post, windows phone users should be getting the xender/flash share app soon on their phone which will help facilitate sending and receiving files at awesome speed.

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