Glo Nigeria Launches 1GB Data Plan For N1000, 4.5GB for N2500

Things are finally looking up for glo users who cannot change their android imei in other to use the plan as glo Nigeria has launched 1GB data plan for N1000.

Glo 1GB data plan for N1000

If you are using glo on your android phone running on MediaTek processor and you are still paying much money for less data, I guess why you jprefer spending too much money when you can actually get more data for less. As a matter of fact, I won’t advice using the glo 1GB for N1000 on your MTK android device. Not when the glo bis plan still works on those android phones flawlessly.

This plan comes in handy for those who can’t change their android phone imei, who use glo on their computers as well as iPhone and iPad devices.

The plan comes with a 30 days validity period. Not only the 1GB plan for N1000 was launched, other plans includes;

  • 2.5GB for N2000
  • 4.5GB for N2500
  • 21GB for N18000

How To Subscribe

For the 1GB plan for N1000, send 53 to 127. For the 2.5GB for N2000, send 55 to 127. For the 4.5GB plan for N2500, send 58 to 127 and for the 21GB for N18000, send 17 to 127.

It’s really nice to see that glo has joined the league of network service providers offering N1 for 1MB. However, we are hoping for something more affordable.

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