Google Updates Hangouts For Android To Version 4.0 With Material Design

Google has been working pretty much off late with the Hangouts app as sometime in June, a major update was rolled to the iOS version of Hangout which brought it to version 4.0 and was packed with a new design.

Yesterday, Google rolled out same major update for the android version of the app which also brought it to version 4.0. The update comes packed with a new sleek and material design originated by Google when android 5.0 OS was introduced last year. Not only was the design made better, other functionalities were enhanced as well.

Google Hangouts version 4.0 for androidI
A new compost button has also been introduced to the update which is aimed at starting group chat or conversation much easier. Attachments were said to have also been touched as it looks more simple thereby making been able to share emoji, GIFs, location, photos etc much easier and faster.

Hangouts is now much faster as some bug issues have been fixed as well as making the app more efficient. With the new update, Google promises reduced battery consumption as a result of using the app.

Below is a list of the new development courtesy of Google’s blog post on Hangouts Android Update:

  • Hangouts is sleeker. Now updated with material design, Hangouts has a new look and feel: items respond to your touch in more intuitive ways and transitions between tasks are more fluid.
  • Hangouts is simpler. The new Compose button makes it easier for you to start a new group or conversation. Our streamlined contacts list helps you find the right person quickly. And attachments have been revamped and simplified, so sharing—of emoji, GIFs, your location, even multiple photos at once—is a snap.
  • Hangouts is faster. Whether you’re sending a quick message or video chatting with family, you don’t want hold-ups. We’ve been obsessively fixing bugs and speeding up message delivery to make Hangouts faster and more reliable. Bonus: less battery consumption.

If you’d like to update the hangout app, simply launch the play store app, tap on the menu icon and tap on My Apps. Scroll down to hangouts and choose to update.

If you’d like to download the hangouts app, you can do so from Google play store HERE.

Source : Google Blog

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