In Just About One Month, 75 Million Devices Are Running Windows 10 OS

Yesterday the 29th of August marked a month since the windows 10 OS was released. Ever since the update was launched, there are been series of reports on the internet in regards the update. We have seen some bug issues and their solutions, we have witnessed frequent updates as well as reports in regards devices running the OS.

devices running windows 10 OS update

Just about 24 hours from it’s official launch, Microsoft reported that over 14 millions machines were already running on the newest OS. Couple of weeks after (Precisely two weeks), the numbers had gone up to about 50 million and in just a total of one month, over 75 million devices are already running the OS.

This report was made known by Yusuf Mehdi, who is the corporate VP of the Windows and Devices Group. He made the announcement via twitter where he mentioned that over 75 million machines are already running on the windows 10 OS which is really impressive. Mehdi also claims that some devices manufactured as far back as 2007 have been upgraded.\

windows 10 on 75 million PCs

Other worthy milestone includes:

  • 122 years of gameplay streamed between the Xbox one and Windows 10
  • 10 million collective achievements unlocked.
  • The Windows Store has reportedly seen 6x as many downloads per device than Windows

While 75 million in just a month is really a pretty awesome number, Microsoft aims at having windows 10 running on one billion machines in the next two to three years.

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