Infinix Hot 2 X510 Does Not Come With Gallery, Video & Music Player, File Manager – Here’s Help

While we are still experimenting with the newly launched Infinix hot 2 x510 smartphone and getting prepared for our review, we cant help but bring this issue to the limelight.

Since the launch of the smartphone device, one of the most frequent complaint we have been getting is the non availability of some very important apps.

The apps further pointed at are the Gallery app, Video player, music player and file manager app. In every android device we have used in the past, those apps were present and i wonder why the infinix hot 2 tends to not come with the app pre-installed.

In a bid to solving this puzzle once and for all, am just going to proffer a solution. In regards our unit of the device, we don’t have issues with the absence of those apps because we already know out way round and we’d like to share same knowledge with you.

infinix hot 2 issues with pre-installed apps


Yes, the Infinix hot 2 didn’t come pre-installed with those mentioned apps. Hence, you shouldn’t start feeling like the issue has to do with your particular device.


If you are looking at viewing photos and watching videos on the device, the device comes pre-installed with the Photos app. The app enables you view pictures and videos on the device and on the SD-Card (If any).

If you are looking at playing music on the phone, the phone comes pre-installed with the Play Music app. The app allows you play music files present on the device as well as the music files present on the SD card if any and in addition, i really like the interface.

In regards the file manager app, the Infinix hot 2 doesn’t come with any. We had to download one online and that works perfect. There are loads of file managers you can download from the play store app. If you intend downloading outside the play store app, you can download one Here.

So, this is the most talked issue with the device so far and we just have to proffer solution here. Our full review of the Infinix Hot 2 x510 otherwise known as the HOTTest one will be published in the next few days. So, stay glued.

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