It Could Take Weeks Before You Get Windows 10 OS Upgrade Nofication – Microsoft

It is no longer news that the much anticipated Windows 10 operating system went live on Wednesday 29th for PC users. Ever since then, there has been news upon news regarding the OS.

Microsoft, weeks before the roll out, invited windows 7 and 8.1 users to reserve a copy of the new OS in advance so they could get notified when their PCs are ready for the new OS upgrade.

Windows 10 upgrade notification
Just 24 hours after the official roll out, Microsoft revealed that over 14 million devices were already running windows 10. Apparently, that figure has escalated by now. We will give you update on that.

If you were among those who made reserve for the new OS upgrade notification, Microsoft UK via twitter, says your free upgrade is on the way – watch for your notification over the coming days and weeks.

Judging by that, it means some people who made reservations would have to wait a couple of weeks before they can get the notification to upgrade to the new OS.

Other tweets from Microsoft UK stated that the updates are rolled out in waves. When your PC is ready, you will see an icon on the notification tab.

If you did not make a reservation or haven’t made a reservation for the windows 10 upgrade notification, please visit this page. If you don’t have the Get windows 10 app on your PC, it could be as a result of your computer missing an update, hence you are advised to run and complete every available updates.

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