Microsoft Affiliate Program Allows You Make Money From Your Website Or Blog

Microsoft Affiliate Program just as the name implies, is an affiliate program from Microsoft which allows you make money from your website or blog by promoting products and making sales.

Not just website or blog owners are allowed to partake in the program, app developer, retail company runners, device manufacturers, mobile operators, media agency as well as social media users can join in the program.

microsoft affilate program
The program promises up to %10 in commission from sales made and as you may know for affiliate programs, you earn commission via CPA. CPA means Cost Per Action and that means, you only get a commission if someone buys a product through your link. Mere clicking your link by anyone won’t yield you any commission. The referee has to actually make a purchase before a commission is awarded.

You may be wondering, what products can someone actually promote on the Microsoft Affiliate Program. Well, the program boosts of products ranging from Windows Store apps to games, movies, TV shows, music, surface, PCs, Xbox One, Microsoft Band, Office 365 and many more.

Think you are interested? You can visit the Microsoft Affiliate Program page here for more information.

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