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Have you ever wondered, what’s are the most popular mobile browser in a particular country and still yet to find an answer to that? Gadgets lab which is a UK based group, has gathered some really fascinating data in regards the popular mobile browsers in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, United Kingdom, Poland and other parts of the world.

Most popular mobile browsers in Nigeria, Kenya and south africa

This report was shown in an infographical form and was inspired by a blog post at on August 2015 using data from DeviceAtlas.

If you ever though safari which is the default browser on iOS is actually the most popular mobile browser, you may have to think again as the infographic report reads otherwise.

Infographic Detail Showing Popular Web Browsers Across The Continent

mobile phone browsers in terms of popularity in specific countries

According to the infographic detail above, Chrome Browser is said to be the most popular browser in Nigeria with a percentage of 32.61 users. Safari which is an iOS based browser comes in second place with a percentage of 25.53 users using the browser. 17.52% of Nigerians still tend to use the default browser on android phones which is quite impressive. Blackberry browser is still in existence with a percentage of 13.3 users.

In Kenya, Chrome mobile browser still tops the chart with a percentage of 32.85 users. Android browser comes in second place with a percentage of 17.52 users. 11.52 of Kenyans still use the safari browser and it is quite fascinating to see that internet explorer mobile browser appears on the chart with a percentage of 10.94 users.

In South Africa, Chrome Mobile browser still rules with a percentage of 29.99 users. Blackberry seems to be in vogue in South Africa as 28.23% users are still using the blackberry devices. Safari and android browser still appears on the chart.

If you are having a hard time viewing the infographic, you can access it on the gadgets lab website here.

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