One Plus 2 Android Phone Records Over 2 Millions Reserves In One Week

If you are current with some newly launched OEMs within the past 2 years, you may have heard of the OnePlus 1 smartphone. The android smartphone was launched in 2014 and in same 2014, according to statistics, it appeared in the list of favorite devices for the year and sold around a million in 2014.

In July 2015, OnePlus announced their upcoming flagship device to be the OnePlus 2 smartphone which is expected to be released in August 2015.

OnePlus 2 Specs
The OnePlus 2 smartphone comes packed with some really cool specs and features. The device can best be described as a phablet as it features a 5.5 inch screen size which is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 4. Runs on android v5.1 which is the lollipop OS, fingerprint sensor, snapdragon 810 processor, non-removable Li-Po 3300 mAh battery.

The device will come in two variants which are;

  • The 16GB internal storage version packed with 3GB RAM
  • The 64GB internal storage version with 4GB RAM.

Both devices won’t have an SD Card slot. Hence, it’s best to describe the devices internal storage capacities as non expandable.

Apparently, the device seems to be a welcome idea by most fans and even though the device isn’t on sales yet, it has got over 2 million reservations in just one week after been unveiled. The statistics was reported by OnePlus via their twitter page.

When it comes to getting OnePlus devices, the company deals on an invite system. This was introduced during the launch of OnePlus 1 and even though the system was later ditched, it has been re-installed since the unveiling of the OnePlus 2. However, this time, it promises a new and improved invite system and those who already got the invite, can share with friends.

The OEM also added that it aims at selling between three to five million devices this year and from the look of things, they don’t seem too far from the set milestone. Back in April, OnePlus said soon, it will be launching another device which will help boast sales and it’s aimed at audience who appreciates design over cost. The device is however,expected to be more affordable than the OnePlus 2 and it’s expected to be launched before the end of the year.

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