Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Reportedly Gets Damaged If S-PEN Is Wrongly Placed

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the latest flagship device on the Galaxy Note series and apparently, the device tend to have a design flaw.

According to reports that has been flowing through the internet off-late, the device tends to get damaged if the s-pen is inserted backwards.

Fixing the SPen wrongly on samsung galaxy note 5 spoils it
Unlike earlier devices on the Galaxy Note series which comes with stylus designs making it impossible for the stylus (s-pen) to be placed backwards, the Galaxy Note 5 comes with a stylus design that makes it possible for the s-pen to go in both ways.

Android Police reported that if the s-pen is inserted the wrong way, it will get jammed and cause permanent damage to the phone. By damage, we don’t mean the phone becomes unusable, instead, the stylus detection mechanism stops working thereby making it impossible for you to use the s-pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

While Android Police added that all efforts to fixing the problem proved abortive, Ars Technica tried out the same thing on their Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and although they had experienced same issue, re-fixing the s-pen backwards again the wrong way rectified the issue and the stylus mechanism began working again. Of course, android police tried same trick but unfortunately didn’t fix the issue on their device.

Samsung replied to the issue stating that users should read the phone’s user guide properly. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you read a phone’s user guide?

samsung galaxy note 5 spen fix

Well, apparently, Samsung has been able to cover their track with the manual thing but I really do not think designing the stylus in that way was a proper thing to do. I mean, people are prone to making mistakes and could mistakenly fix the stylus the wrong way. It just makes better sense if it was impossible for the stylus to go in when placed the wrong way like we have seen on earlier Galaxy Note Series.

Well, since Samsung has been able to cover their tracks via the user guide, it would be advisable as a user, not to mistakenly fix the s-pen backwards. We sure wouldn’t want to hear stories that touch considering the cost the device sells at.

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