Soon, You Will Be Able To Send and Receive Money Using PayPal On BBM Chats

Before now, news had circulated that Blackberry was in talks with PayPal to bring the payment system on BBM app. While we thought this feature won’t be coming anytime soon, an update has it that from tomorrow, the feature will go live.

send and receive money using paypal on bbm
From tomorrow, BBM users in Canada will be able to send and receive money through PayPal on BBM. This was made know on the inside blackberry blog.

The first app update will be in external beta mode which would be available exclusively to those in Canada. The external beta will be available to Blackberry 10, iOS and android users. This will make sending and receiving money using PayPal very much easy and flexible just via the BBM chat app.

I understand that you are wondering if only those in Canada will be able to enjoy the new feature. Well, it will be released in Canada tomorrow, however, it will be rolled over to other regions around the globe in the coming weeks.

Apparently, this seem to be a really cool feature and maybe, a first of its kind. I am guessing this is a move in which the app is expected to gain more grounds.

In other to send and receive money using PayPal on BBM chats, you will need to connect your PayPal account to your BBM. Once your contacts do the same, sending and receiving PayPal money before seemingly easy.

Source : Inside Blackberry via CrackBerry.

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