Whatsapp Web Feature Will Be Coming To Microsoft Edge Soon

Early this year, the whatsapp web feature was introduced and the feature allows you chat with your whatsapp contacts right from your computer. When the feature was newly launched, it was available only to Chrome Browser. Subsequently, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera were added to the list of supported browsers leaving out Internet explorer.

Since the launch of windows 10 and the Microsoft’s Edge browser, the whatsapp feature isn’t yet supported on the Edge Browser. That way, if using Edge Browser at the moment on your windows 10 OS, you cannot use the whatsapp feature.

Whatsapp web on microsoft edge browserImage Credit : Mashable

Following this development, Microsoft Program Managers, Greg Whitworth and David Storey on twitter, stated that there is on open line of communication with whatsapp engineers in other to include support for Edge Browser. The tweet was in response to a fan who complained that Whatsapp is blocking internet explorer and Edge.

I am sure it would be a welcome innovation owing to the fact that Edge is been seen as one of the fatest browsers since the launch of windows 10. This will particularly be good news to those who prefers using the Edge browser to other browsers on the windows operating system.

A timeframe as to when whatsapp web feature will support Edge browser has not be stated yet. We just have to keep our ears to the ground.

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