4 Billion People Still Don’t Have Access To The Internet – ITU

Just when we felt the world is evolving into an internet enabled generation, the International Telecoms Union (ITU) has revealed that more than 4 billion people are still offline.

billions of people are still offline

This was made known in a report titled ‘State Of Broadband‘. According to the union, broadband internet is failing to reach those who could benefit most in the developing nations. In the world’s rich nations, internet access is close to reaching near-saturation. However, it isn’t making so much advancement as billions of people living in the developing countries are not getting much benefits.

According to the International Telecoms Union (ITU) Secretary – General, Houlin Zhao,

The UN Sustainable Development Goals remind us that we need to measure global development by the number of those being left behind.

The market has done its work connecting the world’s wealthier nations, where a strong business case for network roll-out can easily be made. Our important challenge now is to find ways of getting online the four billion people who still lack the benefits of Internet connectivity, and this will be a primary focus of the Broadband Commission going forward.

The report further more reviewed that the internet is only accessible to 35% of people in developing countries leaving 57% of the world’s population out of the benefits the internet has to offer.

Let’s come down to our dear country Nigeria. While a recent report by NCC states that the number of mobile Internet users in Nigeria has climbed up to 92.6 Million, most people still don’t have access to the internet on their ‘Chinko’ phones. If you are sorta an outgoing person or uses public transport every once in a while or regularly, you’d realize this report isn’t far from the truth.

While we may be feeling like, lack of internet connectivity or devices without the ability to access the internet is more familiar with the aged, look again, some young people are more comfortable with their ‘Nokia torch light’ rather than a sophisticated smartphone. Of course, reasons are best known to them.

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  • That’s much, even in my community some people taken who we browsing on internet as unserious one. I believe some of my community people are among them. lolz

  • This is really surprising..4 billion is a rather massive figure.. Just when I thought d world was completely a global village..*sad face

  • It really depends on our loyalty and orientation.. most people (aged) will still not yield even after much conviction.. they still believe their formal way of living is still the best..
    Anyway technology is advancing

  • What Can I say? Well I believe With Time, the number will reduce. It wasn’t 4 billion In 2000 neither Was it 4 billion in 2010. It’s a welcome Development. Who remember Facebook had 1 Billion Active Users in a single day recently? Nigerians are Major Users of The internet

  • That’s pretty much, but I don’t think the aged people are ready to learn, maybe the figure will reduce after some of them passes on, some will even beg you to help them look for one contact or the other on their phones

  • If about 4 billion still dont have access to the internet and we are about 7 billion in this world then it means that about. 60 percent are with internet connectivity. And the Broadband Commission’s
    original goal for the end of 2015 was to get 60% of the
    world online. Instead, they believe we’ll be at 43.4% by the
    end of the year. Which means we are still way back in achieving the goal of connecting the whole world online. We need to put more effort in giving this about 4 billion people left in the world with regular access to the internet.

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