Android Lollipop Now On 21% Android Devices But Kitkat Is Still Leading

Last month, Google revealed the statistics of various android OS running on active android devices and this was done after Google had initially scrapped off July reports. In the month of August, Google reported that about 18.1% of active android devices were running android lollipop operating system with kitkat on about 39.3%.

Following the latest statistics from the company up to September 7th, the figures for active devices running android lollipop OS tend to have increased. However, KitKat OS still leads based on active devices still running the OS.

various Android OS currently on active android devices

The earlier version of lollipop which is the version 5.0 has seen a slight increase from 15.5% based on last report to 15.9% in new report. The newer version 5.1 has seen a larger increase from 2.6% almost doubling to 5.1% thus resulting to a combined sum of 21% of active android devices running the lollipop OS.

The android KitKat OS active users still beats other versions of android OS even though it dropped about 0.1%. Based on earlier report, 39.3% android devices were running on the OS but following latest report, 39.2% active android devices are still on the KitKat OS.

As expected, other earlier android versions saw a decline in active devices as most OEM tend to be producing devices running on either KitKat OS or Lollipop (who wants to keep dwelling in the past?).

Google is still yet to unveil its new OS which is the android 6.0 marshmallow and according to reports, the OS is said to be officially unveiled on September 29th.

So, warm up your nexus devices as well as Android One devices because they are possibly going to be the first set of devices to get the android 6.0 operating system update.

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    • Jude, i am afraid i can’t really answer your question because i haven’t used the device. Wouldn’t want to state something i am not 70% sure of.

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