How To Disable Auto-Update Apps On Android Devices

Although this tutorial on how to stop auto-update apps on android devices can be considered as rather old, I have realized that most people are still having issues with this.

Imagine that awkward moment when you are trying to manage the little data balance left on your SIM and an update of about 70MB automatically comes to play and your data balance is zapped off.

Of course you would rather prefer updating apps manually because honestly, not all apps needs to be updated and at same time, not all apps on our android devices are actually very useful. Hence, what’s the need for auto-updating them?

stop autoupdate apps on android devices

Now, how do we stop such ordeals from occurring over and over again considering the fact that there’s really no unlimited data plan?

Stop Auto-Update Apps On Android

  • First step would be launching the play store app
  • On the play store app, tap on the menu icon
  • Tap on settings
  • Tap on Auto-update apps
  • Select do not auto update apps.
  • Go back till you are out of the play store and that’s it.

You can see images below for more explanations:

deactivate auto-renew apps on android

Frequent apps update will not be automatically updated. However, you will get a notification whenever there is an update available and you can then choose to update manually.

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