Google’s Next Flagship Phones Will Likely Be Unveiled On September 29

Couple of weeks back, Google officially announced the android 6.0 M OS as the Marshmallow operating system. Google also mentioned that it will be releasing two new nexus phones which will pave way for the new OS.

Google new nexus phones
According to that report, it was stated that one of the nexus phones will be produced by LG while the other will be produced by Huawei. However, Google hasn’t stated exactly when the new flagship devices will be launched neither are they stating when the new OS will be rolled over.

New information from CNET in regards the flagship phones has it is that Google will announce its two flagship phones in San Francisco on September 29. This is likely coming up few weeks after the official launch of Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus which is scheduled to hold September 9th.

In the past few months, leaks of both phones has continually surfaced online. The 5.2-inch nexus phone which is the smaller one built by LG was first spotted in Mid-August while the 5.7inch nexus phone which is the larger one built by Huawei made its first appearance last week and the phone tend to gave a rather unusual rear design.

The launch of both flagship phones will pave way for the official roll out of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow to existing devices. Samsung has already confirmed the list of first phones that will get the update when it is officially launched.

Considering the fact that CNET is announcing that both flagship will be announced on the 29th of September which is few weeks from now and Google still holding roll out information of android 6.0 to the chest, we won’t be too disappointed to see the flagship being launched with android 5.x lollipop. If that be the case, we may just have to wait a little longer for the marshmallow OS to be officially unveiled.

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