Did You Know : The infinix Hot 2 back cover actually glows when torch is turned on?

It’s been almost a month since the infinix hot 2 x510 android phone was launched. We have done an unboxing video of the device as well as a full review of the device.

Not just ours, there are lots of infinix hot 2 x510 reviews on the internet and surprisingly, none seem to have mentioned the fact that the back cover glows when the torch is turned on (At least, none we’ve seen so far).

Infinix hot 2 back cover glows when turned on

I really do not know if this specifically works on only our unit as no one else seem to have confirmed nor stated this. We ought to have included this in our full review but it escaped our minds and that’s why we are choosing to do this via a separate post.

Infinix hot 2 back cover glows
We have been able to reach out to a few others who got the device as well and none seem to have the glowing thing going on their device. Although they tend not to have the white color (basically gold and black). We are guessing the glowing thing is exempted to just the white color.

infinix hot 2 back 4
Interestingly, we haven’t seen nor heard any report where infinix mobile made the glowing thing known. Guess we are the first to report this. We know this isn’t really a biggy, we just felt we should let you know.

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