Innjoo Halo and Innjoo Fire Plus Smartphones Officially Launched In Nigeria

The Innjoo Halo and the Innjoo Fire Plus are the latest flagship devices from Innjoo mobile. Couple of days back, we announced that the launching is set to hold on the 2nd of September 2015. The event went as planned and both devices were launched yesterday been 2nd at University Of Lagos main auditorium (Same venue infinix had launched the Zero 2 phone).

innjoo launch event in lagos

During the course of the event, MD Innjoo Nigeria, Robert Liang, said:

“To provide the most competitive product with considering the market requirement in the best time is the core of our strategy to establish leadership in a market.

After months’ research, InnJoo knows that Nigeria is one of the most populated countries in Africa but only about 40% of the population connected to the energy grid. The need to constantly recharge has caused a great deal of troubles to the smartphone users or the people who have been considering about getting a smartphone so far.

It is why we take into account to improve the situation with these new coming smartphones. These two models are born for Nigeria market. People are making the switch from feature phones to smartphones while they now have to charge their phones once or twice a day, instead of once a week.

But InnJoo Halo and Fire Plus will give it a change. Furthermore, both releases also spot different designs on the back shell allowing users to express their individuality.”

The Innjoo Halo

Innjoo halo phone launched in Nigeria
Just as we has guessed from the leaked photo of the device couple of days back, the Innjoo Halo back cover is made of kelvar which is same material Infinix used for the Zero 2 device. Other features includes a 5-inch screen size, runs on android 5.1 lollipop and 3200mAh battery. Surprisingly, the Innjoo halo runs on a RAM size of 1GB despite the fact that Innjoo had initially said the basement for their upcoming devices will be 2GB. Anyway, for the fact that the device is priced at N14000, it can pass.

The Innjoo Fire Plus

Innjoo Fire plus launched in Nigeria

The Innjoo Fire Plus which can possibly be termed as an upgrade to the initial Innjoo fire smartphone. The device has a curved arcs which gives it a more appealing design. The device sports a RAM size of 2GB, 13 megapixels back camera and 5 megapixels front camera. 3600 mAh battery capacity with a quick charge of 2 hours. The Innjoo fire plus is priced at N27600.

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