It’s Official! Google’s New Nexus Devices and Android 6.0 Launch Event is Set For Sep 29

After weeks upon weeks in regards Google yet to be released new nexus devices as well as Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, official report has it that the launch is scheduled for September 29. This confirms an earlier report we published which stated that Google’s next flagship phones will likely be unveiled September 29th.

Google today, sent out invitations for the event. The event is to be held in San Francisco on sept 29. For clarity purpose, you can read what’s stated in the screenshot below. It reads: ‘Join us for some tasty new treats and much s’more.

android 6.0 and google nexus launch event date

It’s no longer news that Google will be unveiling two nexus devices. One to be manufactured by LG while the other will be manufactured by Huawei. Latest report has it that the 5.2-inch version manufactured by LG is called the ‘Nexus 5X’ while the 5.7-inch version manufactured by Huawei will be called ‘Nexus 6P’.

In regards when the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update will begin rolling out to other eligible devices after being unveiled, no precise report yet. However, we should be able to know after the OS has been officially unveiled.

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