New Samsung Gear VR Officially Announced, Set To Launch In November

Samsung has been pretty busy this year with lots of devices in her calendar. The latest gadget addition to the Samsung brand is the Gear VR. This isn’t actually the first time Samsung will be launching this kind of device, this can best be described as the cheaper version.

Samsung newly launched Gear VR

Samsung and Oculus have partnered again to develop a new Gear headset (Samsung Gear VR) which was officially announced yesterday.

Based on assumptions before now, the new Samsung Gear VR will be compatible with the newly launched Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+. As a matter of fact, Samsung says the device will be compatible with all sophisticated Samsung smartphones produced this year. However, it is not clear if older devices will be compatible with the device although the Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as the Note 4 worked with the previous models.

For those who may not understand what a VR means, its full meaning is Virtual Reality and according to Wikipedia, it can also be referred to as Immersive Multimedia or computer simulated life. It’s a device that replicates an environment that simulates physical presence in places in the real world or imagined worlds and let’s the user interact in that world.

If that doesn’t really make sense to you, this video could give you more insight to the technology.

The new Samsung Gear VR in terms of design, isn’t quite different from the previous virtual reality headsets manufactured by Samsung. The basic difference in terms of design is the new revampered trackpad.

Samsung New Gear virtual reality launched

While the previous versions of Samsung’s VR costs about $199 when newly launched, the new Gear VR costs $99. The new gear VR according to Samsung, will be available in the US starting November which is just before black friday. Subsequently, the new VR will be launched in other regions as Samsung says it’s going to be a global launch. Along with the Gear VR, contents will be provided by Samsung including TiVo, Netflix and Twitch.

Talking about Black Friday, We are eagerly waiting for that. It’s a sales period where you can buy products at ridiculous prices. Are you excited about the Samsung Gear VR as well as the upcoming black Friday sales?

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  • @michael if I hear, their products cost too, LED, PLASMA, LCD or home theater costly including their smartphone. how I wish infinix will start doing home electronic systems. they are the best in term of mass consideration. (infinix hot note capacity with least price is example)

  • Great device .. i would have loved to get one but considering the price..
    Still waiting for my adorable producer #infinix to bring out something like this

  • Very Innovative Gadgets From Samsung. But unfortunately It wouldn’t be compatible with me since I’m using one of the older Samsung Smartphones

  • @ Ahiwe Philip Tochukwu, It isn’t a phone. It’s a gadget, an accessory which you can use on selected Samsung Smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S6 etc

  • @ Michael Anthony, I’ve Followed Up Your Conversation with Richard. Indeed It is True. Samsung Products Prices are amazing High. This Cost has even Discouraged Many People fr buying from them

  • @Eze, I agree with you..Samsung has made their name already in d mobile market and with other appliances as a whole..They are tested and trusted..Infinix just started coming up last year or so in d mobile market and techno is still trying to blow our minds..But one thing is certain,they will get there

  • Wow that is great. And one good thing about this new samsung Gear VR about to be released next month November is that it would support all all of Samsung’s flagship 2015 smartphones rather than the one of last year that supported only the samsung galaxy note 4. This is a welcome development that has given an outstanding result from Samsung Nigeria.

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