Opera Mini For Android Gets Update Which Promises Better Browsing Experience

Opera Mini as a mobile browser needs no introductions as the browser is seen as the best browser. Although Google Chrome, Android and Safari are considered as the most used browsers according to latest report, opera mini still stands out when it comes to speed.

One of the main features of the Opera mini browser is its speed. No doubt, the browser is definitely fast, but the speed tend to leave out some vital scripts that a page needs to produce properly and it is due to this reason, the android version has been updated to improve usability.

opera mini for android gets better compression

An High compression setting has been added which tend to provide less data-saving than the original version. When the high compression module is activated, it still saves you some data but you will also get to see a website just the way it is supposed to be seen. Viewing videos is also possible while the module is activated which seems as an improvement.

Following the new update, opera is giving you more choices. You can choose to compress a little (high) or compress a lot (extreme). Either-ways, the choice you make will safe you more data as that’s what opera mini has always done compared to other browsers and the app is still free, its always been.

To update, launch the play store app, navigate to my apps and choice to update opera mini. Alternatively, you can download Opera Mini for android here.

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