Siri Will Be Able To Recognize Only The Owner’s Voice In iOS 9

Few days back, Apple, during the course of it’s fall launch event, unveiled the much anticipated iPhone 6s and 6s plus devices. Not only were the duo 6s launched, iPad Pro was also launched as well as the new Apple TV running on TvOS.

The launching of the duo 6s gave birth to the iOS 9 operating system which is the latest major OS update from Apple. Although the OS hasn’t been officially launched, it is expected to hint apple devices from the 16th of September.

Apart from the awesome features packed in the new OS especially in the area of multitasking, there has been a major update to Apple’s voice assistant program, Siri.

Hey Siri voice training on iOS 9

According to latest report, Siri can now listen to commands exclusively from the device owner. This is done by Siri having to recognize the owners voice.

In iOS version 8, the ‘Hey Siri’ feature was launched on the device. This feature allows you speak to Siri without having to press and hold the button. All you need do is say ‘Hey Siri’ when connected to power and the voice assistance will automatically be summoned. This is similar to what we have seen on Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant program.

Following the new feature of Siri having to recognize its owner’s voice, we are guessing it was brought about as a security motive. This is to ensure that the voice assistant only receives commands from it’s owner and not just any random person.

In other to set this up, you will need to navigate to settings, tap on General, tap on Siri and enable “Allow Hey Siri”. Upon activation, the user will be taken through a voice training test which will allow the app know and recognize the owner’s voice. The user will be asked to say ‘Hey Siri’ three times. After that, he/she is also asked to speak commands like ‘Hey Siri, what’s weather today?’ and ‘Hey Siri, its me’. Once completed, set up is complete and the user get to be the only one giving Siri commands on that Apple device.

Guess we are really awaiting the official roll out of the iOS this September 16th. Get your Apple devices ready because 16th is just around the corner.

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