Tecno Camon C8 Gets Android 5.0.2 OS Update Via OTA

If you are currently using the recently launched Tecno Canon C8 which is described by Tecno as a camera phone, an update is coming your way (that is if you haven’t received it already).

While the Tecno Camon C8 phone comes shipped with android version 5.0 lollipop, the update is aimed at upgrading it to android version 5.0.3 lollipop.

Tecno Camon C8 android 5.0.2 OS update

As expected, this is just a minor update as the update comes with a file size of about 31MB. As usual, it is expected to apply some minor fixes and perhaps increase performance. Some of the fixes based on the update description includes;

  • Touch capture not focusing in camera app
  • System UI stopped issue that tend to display sometimes
  • Clear persistent SIM card change notification.

The update was just rolled out yesterday and should be getting on your phone soon that is if you haven’t received it.

Just navigate to the software update under settings and if the update pops up, you can either choose to update or ignore. If you have updated to the latest update on the Tecno Camon C8 phone, we’d like to hear what the experience has been so far for you via the comment session.

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  • Nice One From them. Hope the Update Will fix Some Bugs and not to trigger any Misbehavior. I’ve Shared to My Friends who uses Tecno Camon C8 so they can check out the update. Thank You For The Information.

  • That means this will be the first tecno android phone to recieve OTA update. Nice one. TECNO have stepped up their game.

  • Yeah I learnt techno neglected their phones after released, so this new development from them is great no doubt. one angry Nigerian techno loyal fan wrote open some week back concerning none OTA updates. @Michael

  • Yes,techno is one if the reasons for affordable phones in the country,but other brands have caught up,.infinx being one of them.Injoo is also offering d same opportunity.The hot note series is a masterpiece and is still selling fast.I personally feel techno phones lag in some aspects and d camera quality is not topnotch@simeon

  • @faithful yes you’re right but to be sincere techno deserved the praise tho i am not their devices fan anymore but they came to our rescue back then.

  • I don’t really fancy this, because this is not the first tecno phone to recieve OTA updates.
    Tecno will still leave it at it’s old Android 5.0
    I’m pretty glad that infinix went for android 5.1 instead.
    SMH for Tecno.?

  • Yeah my friend at my work place has already updated. His tecno camon C8 and the new OS is awesome. The update size was just 31mb. The few bugs which he exprienced when he bought his phone has also been addressed after update.

  • Tecno are beginning to up their game… I personally commend them for this singular act. I pray they do same to their other rich devices. Tecno will always remain my best model due to the fact that they made andriod phones affordable. Kudos to Tecno. I pray they maintain this good gesture to even do more.

    • Dnamunyu, that i can’t say for sure. I am only aware of the phantom 5 likely getting the update middle of next year.

  • I will do a porting, i know it will be hard since we dont have source code on tecno phones i know some mtk phones later will come with 6.0 out of box

  • Hello, the update is nothing than useless, this is because after I updated my Canon c8 the phone started misbehave when ever I switched off the phone all current running applications do disappeared until I re-log them in. e.g Du battery, BBM and many other applications. I regret of update the phone self.

  • i got an update yesterday(c5 tho) … Everything seems ok but i dont like the new icons… There too big and ugly compared to the pre version and cant be resized… Now i have to get a luncher to cover that up.

  • You guys test what you give us before uploading it on the net I hear system update moreover auto updating via Wi-Fi. …if you could just do me a favor send me the details of getting back to the previous os otherwise we might decampaign Techno. …have used Techno for long due to it’s consistancy but with this surely am not happy about it I hope you do something about it

  • So far since I updated to the new version my weather has stopped please fix that problem for me in other words how can I get it working again.
    Thank you.

  • Please how can I reverse the current update to the old version cos since I updated my TECNO c8 the weather app has stopped please help me fix

    • Mr Adu, the only option would be sourcing for the old rom and flashing it into the phone. P.S: Flashing a rom automatically reverts your phone to the state at which you first got it. That means, personal files will be wiped out. Hence, if you still want to continue with this, you may want to first backup your files.

  • after i upgraded my tecno c8 to android version 5.0.2, applications are misbehaving.for instance, applications are just crashing in the process of using them what can i do to stop this,

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