Update 2015: MTN BIS Still Works On PC Using Simple Server – Get Settings Here

It’s been a very long while we published any post that relates to using MTN BIS on PC or sorts. Well, it isn’t a bad idea to update you guys on that once in a while right? After all, it still relates to tech.

Well, credit goes to Monsur Bakare of NGbrains Blog who sorta lured me to trying the trick out despite knowing that it still works. Sometime in March 2015, i recall writing about this and i suddenly stopped bothering myself with it ever since. Guess I have been too engrossed in using glo bis on every of my devices. I actually always thought since it was a trick, it would be sorta stressful compared to what has been in existence (well, it’s still sorta stressful compared to the way glo bis works from bb10 phone to a computer) but I think the stress is worth it owing to the fact that I now watch a lot of YouTube videos and do a lot of surfing which leaves me with having to subscribe to glo bis plan twice a week (that’s like whopping 6GB used in a week).

MTN BIS works on PC using simple server

Well, with the MTN bis plan working on my PC with Simple Server, I can now enjoy watching more YouTube videos and spending more time online without having to spend N2000 weekly but instead, N350 weekly or N1000 monthly. Without wasting much time, let’s cut to the chase.

Using MTN BIS on PC Via Simple Server

==> First and foremost, subscribe to either MTN BBLite daily plan, Weekly plan or monthly plan.

==> Daily plan costs N70 (Send BBLITED to 21600). Weekly plan costs N350 (Send BBLITEW to 21600) while monthly plan costs N1000 (Send BBLITEM to 21600).

==> If you have subscribed to any of the plans above and you have got a message welcoming you to the plan you choose, let’s move on.

==> If using a modem, configure your modem’s internet settings APN to web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net instead of blackberry.net. Connect and make sure it’s now connected.

==> Download the Simple server program for your PC HERE. Extract and launch the simpleserver.exe file.

==> Now, configure your browser to using IP as and port as 8080. By now, I am sure you already know how to go about that.

If you need more help on that, tell us using the comment session and state your preferred PC browser and we will reply you with a step by step guide.

Enjoy Guys! And just for the records, you don’t necessarily need a modem before you can enjoy this. You can use your phone as an hotspot device. That specifically works for me. Cheers!

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