WatchOS 2 Now Goes Public For The Apple Watch Devices

September 9th, Apple officially announced the iPhone 6s and the 6s plus accompanied with some other products like the iPad Pro and the Apple TvOS.

Apple haven’t been working on just hardware only for their products, the company has also been making much adjustments to the software session.

apple watchOS 2

Precisely on the 16th of September, Apple officially launched the much anticipated iOS 9 which in my opinion, wasn’t much different from the iOS 8.4.1. The major improvements based on my usage so far is the battery. Although the iOS 9 doesn’t portray much difference on earlier Apple devices, the new iPhones as well as the the latest iPads are the major beneficiaries.

Well, the WatchOS 2 was actually scheduled to launch same day as the iOS 9, unfortunately, a last minute bug issue was discovered and thus, the OS couldn’t be launched that day.

Interestingly, the issue seem to have been resolved and the update has been pushed out to Apple watch devices. The new OS doesn’t really offer any dramatic changes other than some little enhancements. The update is however, said to improve the speed of applications by allowing then run natively on the watch.

Are you curious to knowing the price? Well, the apple watch starts at $349 and it’s available in a wide variety of color options. Of course, that’s just the starting price.

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