Android Finally implements a built-in file manager in 6.0 Marshmallow

Android having a built-in file manager may not seem as a big deal to you if you have used different android phones from different manufacturers. However, for those who are used to using stock android OS, this might seem as a big deal.

Since the very first android OS was introduced in 2007, one main functionality the stock OS has always lacked is the file manager/explorer.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow gets file explorer app

If you are in Africa and you got to use the first android one smartphone in Africa – Infinix Hot 2 or any nexus phone, you would realize the phone lacked a basic app which is the file manager. Most users thought that was an issue with the infinix brand. No! It’s actually the OS. The infinix hot 2 runs on stock android lollipop OS. No manufacturer edits or sorts. Everything that comes with the device in terms of operating system is plainly out of the box.

If you have used other android phones and have often seen the file manager app pre-installed, that was added by the manufacturer. Interestingly, android newest OS version, 6.0 marshmallow, will be getting an inbuilt file manager.

Nope, it isn’t exactly the way you have used other file managers. The file manager on the marshmallow OS is somewhat hidden. In-other to access the file manager on the OS, you have have to perform the following:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on Storage and USB
  • Scroll down and tap Explore.

The inbuilt file manager on the android OS is very basic. You can perform basic functions like browse, search, sort and filter. If you are looking at something more fascinating and advanced, using any of the third party file managers available on the Play Store app could be the best bet.

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