Android OS to be merged with Chrome OS?

Android Bot

Android Bot

Everyone is familiar with Google’s Android OS and all the versions of it that are always named after sugary treats. But how many people have knowledge of Google’s other operating system, Chrome OS?

The Chrome OS was introduced in July 2009 as Google’s answer to Microsoft’s Windows. The operating system is a lightweight operating system, unlike other operating systems, that is intended to access web-based applications. Because Chrome OS is so light, laptops carrying it usually take a few seconds to boot. User data is kept in cloud storage to keep the operating system light.

Google Chome OS Logo

Google Chome OS Logo

While it has not soared as high as Windows, the Chrome OS remains a cheaper alternative nonetheless. Laptops preloaded with the Chrome OS can cost as low as $199.

Both operating systems will still run as independently once the merger takes place, which might be sometime next year. The merger will allow Google to expand Android’s reach to other devices other than smartphones and tablets.

However, Hiroshi Lockheimer, VP of Android OS, Chrome OS and Chromecast have come out to dispel the rumors. According to his tweet;

“There’s a ton of momentum for Chromebooks and we are very committed to Chrome OS. I just bought two for my kids for schoolwork.”

The Chrome OS isn’t all that popular, and perhaps a merger with Android will go a long way in keeping it from dying.

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