Blackberry’s Android Powered ‘Priv’ Will Likely Cost $630 (N126000)

Over the past few months and precisely couple of weeks back, Blackberry’s upcoming android phone, Priv, previously called Venice, has always been making the rounds.

We have been constantly fed with pictures, specs, pictures, specs and pictures again. At a point, I was getting fed up of seeing just pictures and specs without information as to what the price would cost as well as availability. I am sure you have been curious to know as well.

Blackberry Priv price tag
Thankfully, a Chinese leaker, Leaksfly, has given us an information much better than just pictures and that’s an idea as to how much the blackberry priv will cost when released.

According to the Chinese leaker who revealed the information on Weibo, the phone will likely carry a price tag of RMB 3999 or about $630 USD which if converted to Naira, will amount to around N126000.

Considering the amount the Blackberry Passport was sold for when it was newly launched and how much it currently sells at, Priv, if launched with the $630 price tag, will be more affordable despite having 4K video recording and running on a 64bit processor.

Sometime last week at the Code/Mobile conference, Blackberry CEO, John Chen, said that the device will come with a high-end price tag and measures will be put in place to make the device affordable to get either by installments or something else.

Information in regards availability of the Blackberry priv device hasn’t been stated yet even though its been earlier said that the device is expected to launch before the end of the year.

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