Come October 29, OnePlus is expected to launch the Powerfully beautiful X phone

Just when we thought the most recent Micrososoft launch event is perhaps, the last mobile unveiling event for the year, OnePlus is bringing something earlier talked about to the table. Xiaomi is also expected to launch a new device before the end of October. Likely the Xiaomi Mi 5.

OnePlus, since major inception, has been known for selling its phones via a more tasky method (invites). OnePlus CEO, Carl Pei, recently apologized to his customers for messing up both the OnePlus 1 and the OnePlus 2 launch which is now on sale.

Few months back, precisely in March, the company stated that it had plans to launching another device which will help boast sales and it’s aimed at audience who appreciates design over cost. The company also added that the device will be more affordable than the OnePlus 2 and its expected to be launched before the end of the year.

Apparently, it’s that time of the year and come October 29, OnePlus is expected to launch its new design-over-specs smartphone.

The company teased the upcoming event via it’s social media page and based on the hashtag been #PowerfullyBeautiful with the X image, it hints that the device will likely be called ‘OnePlus X‘ and would of course, be having a beautiful design.

While no information in regards the specs of the phone has been passed across yet, it is believed that the device will feature less-end specs compared to the OnePlus 2 but perhaps, with a better body design than the latter which would go inline with the ‘more affordable’ tag attached to the upcoming device.

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