Google Celebrates Happy Independence Day With Nigerians Using A Doodle

Over the years, Google has been pretty famous with one thing, describing occasions with a dongle. We’d believe it’s actually a tradition with the search engine giant.

Few days ago, the search engine giant celebrated its 17th year birthday and of course, a dongle was available on their homepage to celebrate the occasion.

Today being the 1st of October, Nigerians are celebrating independence. 55th year precisely. Over the years, Google has always reflected different dongles in celebrating the occasion.

In 2010, Google used a very simple dongle. Not so different from the usual Google logo at that time except the Nigerian flags were mounted between the g and the e.

Google's Nigerian independence day doogle used in 2010

In 2013, a different doodle was used.Here’s what it was:

Google's Nigerian independence day doogle used in 2013

In 2014, Google used something much more creative. Here’s what it was:

Google's Nigerian independence day doogle used in 2014

and now being 2015, Google’s using a simple doodle this time.

Happy independence day Nigerians

From the TechsNG team, we say Happy Independence day to every Nigerian. We love you people.

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  • Happy Independence day to All Nigerians. Thank You TechsNG for wishing US a Happy Independence. I wish You the Same. God Bless Nigeria!!! Lest I forget, Big Shout-out To Google for acknowledging Nigeria on our independence day.

  • Happy birthday to google and merry independence to my mother country..
    Thumbs up to TECHSNG for creating this blog(wish you could create a search engine like TecHgLe..sobs)…Anyway thanks for bringing up this innovative enigma
    Mind you,lets know when TECHSNG birthday falls..

  • Happy Independence day to Nigeria and we Nigerians..Kudos to Google for the recognition..Unity,peace and progress is what we will continually experience in this country

  • Wow. That is great. Happy indepence day to Nigeria. I wish you greater things to come as you clock 55 years old today. Thank you Google for celebrating with Nigerians on this 55th birthday. We love you all.

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