Here’s Probably what humans and life will be like in 1000 years

Over the years, we have heard and perhaps, witnessed how technology has revolutionized everything. Around 200 years ago, we had no idea what a phone would look like. Our fathers of those days were pretty much comfortable with sending letters and waiting for weeks or months before receiving a response. Fast forward to the world we are now, we can communicate effortlessly even over a long distance as long as there’s a network connectivity.

life and humans in 1000 years
Not just the era of communication has changed, we have often read (although yet to physically see) robots perform some basic tasks humans can perform. With such ideas coming to place and new ideas being brought to the table everyday, you’d wonder what life would be like in the next 1000 years.

ASAP Science, via a YouTube video, has attempted explaining what life and humans would be like in the next 1000 years. Imagine buildings being disassembled and reassembled within minutes like the transformer movie. ASAP Science also added that the number of languages would likely decrease from around 7000 to around a hundred and we’d be able to select respective traits. The group also added that computer of the future will not only be able to listen and remember, it will be able to speak and interact with humans.

You can watch the video below:

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  • They may be right anyway.
    I have read several articles on robotics and I find them quite fascinating especially in their application in medicine eg nanoscience.

    I have even read how they are already in use in factories.

    We might have not seen them because we live in an area lagging behind.
    Phones and ATMs have been in use far long before we got them here.

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