Huawei Honor 7 will get the android marshmallow OS BETA in few weeks

It’s been quite a while since we published any update in regards the android 6.0 marshmallow OS and that’s because other news have been making the headlines.

Some couple of weeks back, Huawei unveiled it’s list of android smartphones that will be getting the 6.0 marshmallow update. The company also added that the first roll out will likely commence from November. Apparently, that’s in the works although with a little twist.

huawei honor 7 android marshmallow updateHuawei’s Marketing executive, Xi Zhao, has said that a beta release of the marshmallow update for the honor 7 will be out soon. Precisely in a couple of weeks. Perhaps, before or by the end of November. Apparently, the Huawei honor 7 will likely be the first huawei device to get the final marshmallow update when it is officially rolled out.

Hence, if you currently own the honor 7, brace up, the marshmallow update will likely be hitting your smartphone before the end of November. Please note that it is going to be a beta version. Hence, you may experience some bug issues and sorts which would likely be fixed in subsequent updates pending when the final version is available.

Although starting with a beta version might not seem as a big deal, the company is trying to be faster in releasing latest software updates which is really a new thing with the brand. However, it is not quite clear if other huawei devices will be getting the beta marshmallow update or the final version. We will share more news with you as soon as we get them.

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