Images of Samsung Galaxy View leak

Samsung Galaxy View

Samsung Galaxy View
Source: SamMobile

Up until now we’ve only had teased images of the Samsung Galaxy View illustrating a massive 18.4 inch screen. But now images of the giant tablet have surfaced.

Despite its monstrous size, the Samsung Galaxy View looks pretty, meaning Samsung has put a lot of effort into its design. You will notice that there isn’t a home button on this device, which is unlike most Samsung devices. This is because the tablet will feature on-screen navigations.

From the looks of the images, it appears that the Samsung Galaxy View will feature a front-facing camera and a kickstand for propping up the device. The inclusion of a kickstand might seem awkward for a device this large, especially seeing that it appears to be fixed. But from the leaked pictures, Samsung seems to be touting the Galaxy View as a television than a tablet. And if this is the case, the kickstand the device features makes sense. Another awkward feature is the handle located at the back of the device.

Samsung Galaxy View

Samsung Galaxy View; kickstand and handle
Source: SamMobile

Samsung is still pretty mum about the Galaxy View, and the specifications flying around are still rumours. They did promise to announce the device in October though. So we cannot wait to get an explanation from Samsung.

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