Just A Week After iOS 9.0.1, Apple Releases iOS 9.0.2 Update

Basically on the 16th of September, Apple officially launched the iOS 9 operating system. Considering the fact that the new OS update had some bugs, an update was released sometime last week which marked iOS 9.0.1.

iOS 9.0.2 Update for apple devices
Just a week after iOS 9.0.1 was rolled over, Apple yesterday, released iOS 9.0.2.

iOS 9.0.2 update on iPhones and iPads
According to the update description, it’s update is aimed at fixing an issue with the settings to turn on/off app cellular data usage, issue with iMessage activation for some users, issues with screen, podcasts as well as iCloud backup.

Something Apple didn’t mention in the update description is the security. Sometime last week, it was reported that the iOS 9 had a major flaw which is its security. It was said that a stranger can access the iPhone while its locked by simply incorrectly typing the password 4 times. The 5th time, the stranger could summon Siri and ask what time it was. The stranger can then navigate from the clock to the rest of the phone.

The new update which is the iOS 9.0.2 has been said to fix that as well. If you still haven’t received the update, just relax. It will get to your phone because the update was pushed out in waves. Remember to have your Apple device battery up to 80% before installing the update.

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  • Hmmmmm..If d security issue was true ,then it was a major flaw on the part of apple.. Thank God dey have fixed it tho

  • I said this last week after the minor Update. Indeed it triggered some bugs which inturn makes the iOS 9.0.1 Faulty. I’ll share to my friends to update their iOS. Thank You for the information!

  • I wonder what could have happened. When some people havent. Even gotten the update. For them and now we are expecting the update of the OS that was just released. The new I.O.S. 9.0.2 which was just released a week after that of the I.O.S 9.0.1 fixes major bugs. It fixes an issue that caused iOS devices to freeze up with
    the “Slide to Upgrade” screen during the software update process and
    an issue where sometimes alarms and times could fail to play. The iOS 9.0.2 fixes an issue in the settings that turns on or off app
    cellular data usage. It also resolves issues that prevent iMessage
    activation for some users and iCloud Backup interruptions after
    starting a manual backup. iOS 9.0.2 also fixes an issue where the
    screen incorrectly rotates when receiving notifications. Lastly, iOS
    9.0.2 improves Podcast stability.

  • Am worried with apple! why did’nt they review the iOS 9.0.1 before rolling out. Anyways thanks to them Thumbs Up Apple!

  • @Michael why worrying? even though they just released ios 9.0.1 didn’t mean they has fixed all the problems at once. I believed releasing more upgrade fix more problems on the phone.

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