Microsoft, iROKOtv and Jumia Nigeria laying off staffs

Other than the fact that new devices are been released weeks after weeks and we have often been sharing news and tips, we couldn’t just ignore the fact that some tech companies have been laying off staffs within the past 2 weeks.

tech companies laying off staffs
Sometime last week, we got a memo that Jumia was laying off staffs in a rather rudely manner. While that has not been confirmed officially by Jumia, it is worth mentioning.

Couple of days back, we also got a memo of Nollywood movie download service, iROKOtv, laying off about 130 staffs. Although the number wasn’t confirmed, it is actually true that the company laid off a quite number of staff.

Just couple of hours back, we got a memo that Microsoft has laid off 1000 workers from their jobs. This isn’t the first time the company will be laying off quite a huge number of staffs. As a matter of fact, in last year, it was said that the company laid off 18,000 staffs from its worldwide workforce. In July this year, around 7,800 staffs were laid off and yet again, the company is laying off another 1000. Apparently, working in Microsoft ain’t reliable as anything can happen anytime.

The report was confirmed to New York times, and in a statement, a spokesperson for Microsoft said:

The job reductions were spread across more than one business area and country and reflect adaptations to business needs.

It was also reported that revenues in Microsoft’s sales devision has dropped by 54% from the previous record and this seems to be recurring as same figure was reported last year. Perhaps, that explains the reason for the huge lay off of staffs.

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