New Photos of Blackberry Priv shows 4K video recording and 64-bit processor

While we are still yet to get any official report as to when the Blackberry Priv (previously known as Venice), will be released, we are constantly teased with more and more photos of the device.

Interestingly, some tech community have already gotten a review copy of the device. AndroidAuthority did a video hands-on review of the sliding blackberry phone and N4BB recently posted some pictures of the device.

BlackBerry-Priv shoots 4K video
Following N4BB pictures, it was realized that the upcoming Blackberry Priv device can actually shoot 4K videos (at 30fps) with its 18 Megapixels rear camera. If you are quite detailed with the newest camera features on the iPhone 6s duo, you should have quite an idea as to what 4K video means. 4K video simply means better video quality than what you’d get on 1080p and of course, consumes more space.

Another interesting finding in regards the Blackberry Priv is that it runs on a 64-bit processor. This actually relates to the number of bits that can be processed or moved simultaneously on the device.

BlackBerry Priv runs 64bits
Okay, does that make any sense? Let’s break it down. It simply means the device will run faster, smoother, deliver better video performance as well as graphics than the usual 32-bit we are sorta used to. Of course, not forgetting better security and in a recent statement by Blackberry’s CEO, John Chen, the Priv is aimed at improving security. Guess that explains the 64-bit processor on the device.

Other disclosed specs of the Blackberry Priv is that the device sports a 5.5-inch dual-curve display, sliding (of course), touch-sensitive Qwerty keyboard.

Although the blackberry priv is believed to be released before the year ends, the company hasn’t given any report as to when precisely and what the pricing would be.

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  • This can actually be a nice way of lauching itself to the forefront of the mobile market again by BlackBerry. This phone is one worth buying when it is released

  • A very Good comeback from Blackberry. I know The Blackberry priv is their ticket to becoming a top Mobile Giant like they once were. Awesome Improvements. Hope the Battery won’t be disappointing as other blackberry phones

  • Had d battery issue in mind too@Simeon.. But I don’t think dey will like to fall their hands.. With other phones here and dere releasing batteries between 2500-4000mah they won’t want to do otherwise

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