News Flash! MTN TruTalk+ call tariff rate now 20kobo per seconds

The MTN TruTalk+ plan before now, was the cheapest call rate MTN had to offer. This was brought about after etisalat had launched the easy life 4.0 tariff plan which offers 11 kobo per seconds.

Glo also launched a relative tariff plan called the glo gbam+ which offers same call rate of 11 kobo per seconds. Although it was reported that NCC had banned the MTN trutalk+ plan, people could still subscribe to the service.

MTN trutalk+ plan call tariff rate has been changed
These plans from all networks of course, attracts a daily access fee of N5 which is triggered by the first call of the day. If you don’t make any call in a day, you won’t be charged N5.

While this seemed like a pleasurable experience (I even preferred it to the beta talk plan which gives you 200% of all recharges at 40kobo per seconds) MTN has announced that call rates are no longer 11kobo per seconds. Instead, it’s now 20 kobo per seconds. According to them, its in adherence with regulatory requirement.

This was communicated via a text message which you can see below:

MTN trutalk new call tariff
Moving forward, doing the maths, you will be charged N12 per minute as against N6.6 on the MTN trutalk+ plan. That’s a N5.4 difference on each minute as against what it used to be.

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