Number Of Active GSM Subscribers In Nigeria Rises Up To 151 Million

Recently, NCC stated that the number of mobile internet users in Nigeria had climbed up to about 92.6 million.

Based on that report, it was said that the number had increased by 13.6% with MTN still holding the highest number of internet subscribers followed by Glo, Airtel and etisalat.

gsm subscribers in Nigeria base
Latest report from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has it that the Nigeria’s active GSM user base has risen up to 151 million as at August. This report was made known at the 2015 Abuja International Trade fair in abuja by the Acting Executive Vice Chairman of the NCC, Prof Umar Danbatta.

According to him, “As at August this year, we recorded 151 million active lines in the country, with a teledensity of 107 percent internet penetration is up to 88 million as at today.”

He also added saying that counterfeit devices contribute to poor quality service and the commission is working towards collaborating with customs service and the standard organization of Nigeria (SON) to seek ways of stopping importation of such devices.

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  • Nigeria is improving rapidly in the aspect of Internet and active GSM lines. An increase in 13% Is no joke. Right now, Out of every 5 people in Nigeria, at least three have access to the Internet. But I did got one line here ” the standard organization of Nigeria (SON) to seek ways of stopping importation of such devices.”
    Does it mean these Phones & Gadgets Nigerians import from Gearbest, Aliexpress, etc are Substandard?

  • Even I expected more than this bcos the desperation of teenagers on mobile phones is really high. they are engaged in internet than adults nowadays bcos we adults busy making money while must of them busy on social media.

  • Nigeria is a perfect example of the world as a global village.. This is a a nice development and shows how far Ict has been able to penetrate

  • The fact that mtn is number one in Nigeria in terms of Internet subscribers speaks volumes. mtn is really living up to its motto ‘Everywhere you go’

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