Qwerkywriter keyboard – the keyboard that turns your device into a typewriter

Quirkywriter Keyboard

Qwerkywriter Keyboard

The typewriter was once considered to be one of the greatest inventions during its time, but as the years passed by it was replaced by new technology. In a bid to bring the old typewriter back (the keyboard part of it anyway), Qwerkytoys has presented us with the opportunity to bask in nostalgia with their antique-y looking keyboard which bears a striking resemblance to an old typewriter keyboard.

The Qwerkywriter is a Bluetooth keyboard that is designed to look like an old typewriter. It has a faux paper table – not for holding paper of course (otherwise that would make it any other typewriter), but used as a stand for holding tablets and smartphones. The keyboard even has a carriage return lever that has the same function as the return key.

Qwerkywriter Keyboard

Carriage Return Lever

The Qwerkywriter keyboard is made of solid aluminium which accounts for the 2.8 pound it weighs. At the back of the keyboard is a micro-USB part which is used to charge the device. And on a single charge, the battery of the Qwerkywriter keyboard can last between one to three months, depending on usage.

Qwerkywriter Keyboard

Qwerkywriter Keyboard connected to a tablet

The Qwerkywriter costs $400 and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to Windows Tablets, Android Tablets Devices, iPhones, iPads, iMacs, MacPros, Macbooks, and more.

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