Samsung smartphones sold better than Apple iPhone in third quarter

For some months now, Samsung has engaged in devise marketing strategy in other to play better than the iPhone precisely in the US.

When the new iPhones were launched, it was learnt that Samsung hired marketers to meet people queuing up for the iPhone to convince them otherwise. It was also learnt that Samsung offered paying the monthly installment bills for the new Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 5 and this is to continue till the end of the year. Doing the maths, customers purchasing any of those devices in the US will be getting $120 off the price.

samsung vs iphone in third quarter market share
Sometime in August, Samsung introduced a marketing strategy in the US which involves Apple iPhone users getting a test drive of Samsung’s latest flagships for just one dollar and if the user decides to stick with Samsung, he/she gets lots of goodies.

Apparently, those marketing strategies, of which some could be termed ‘awkward’ played well as research firm strategy analytics has reported that Samsung smartphones sold better than the iPhone in the third quarter. According to the statistics, Samsung sold 83.8 million smartphones in the third quarter which is twice the 48.4 million iPhones sold within same period. From June to September, Samsung had 23.7% of the global market compared to Apple’s 13.6% of the share.

Research firm Strategy Analytics furthermore added stating that Samsung’s sales were led by mid-range models like the Samsung Galaxy A8 and the Samsung Galaxy J5. Huawei came third in the leading sales report as the company is said to have sold about 26.7 million units during the last three month period with a market share of 7.5%. Lenovo came fourth as it was said that about 18.8 million phones were sold from July to September with a market share of 5.3%. Interestingly, Xioami appeared next in line as lenovo surpassed the company with just about one million sales thereby leaving Xioami in the fifth position with about 5% of the global market share and about 17.8 million devices sold in the third quarter.

Source: YonHapNews

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