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One thing Apple products are synonymous with is the word ‘expensive’. The iPhone 6 currently cost approximately $700 for the 16GB variant and most people say it’s quite expensive. Let me ask, what’s your definition of expensive? $100,000? $200,000? Or even $1,000,000? Well, the most expensive iPhone 6 costs more than that.

most expensive iPhone 6
NO, Apple isn’t actually responsible for the high amount placed on the most expensive iPhone 6. Instead, Goldgenie are.

Goldgenie also known as GG, are England’s talented masters of making already expensive smartphones over three times as premium by enriching them with precious metals and jewelry.

No, these expensive phones are not sold to the average consumer. They are basically sold to people who crave for materials not so common. People like Usian Bolt, David Beckham, P.Diddy and the likes are the major consumers.

The most expensive iPhone is made of 24-carat gold and encrusted with dozens of diamonds and guess how much it cost – $3.51 million.

Based on the price tag attached to the device, the ‘diamond ecstasy’ iPhone 6 can be customized further to meet up with the clients demand but of course, further customization attracts more price added to the initial amount. There are other variants like the gold, platinum and Rose-Gold which comes as a color variant on the latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

The closely related most expensive iPhone 6 is one designed by Alexander Amosu which is covered with about 6127 diamonds and was priced around $2.62 million. That’s nearly a million dollar lesser than what the most expensive iPhone 6 cost.

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