Truecaller app gets new design and more features for windows 10, windows phone 8

Sometime last month, truecaller known as the popular caller ID app, released an open beta for windows 10 mobile. While the beta update came with some pretty cool features like real-time caller ID even when the number isn’t stored in user’s contact, live spam detection, search phone numbers from around the world and yelp integration, an update has been released.

Truecaller app gets update for windows 10 mobile and phone 8
The windows 10 open beta version no longer carries the beta design amongst other improvements and features.

The new truecaller app for windows 10 mobile now has the following new features:

  • Call history auto-populate: If you’re new to the app, your existing call history will populate along with any info Truecaller can provide via crowdsourcing, its own database and Yelp.
  • New blocking features: Make your own block list; block hidden and private numbers as well.
  • After Call ID: Notifications appear after you end a call, making it easy to remember who called, save a new contact, or report spam without having to find and launch the app.
  • New design: Most screens have been updated, including call history and discover tabs.
  • Profile Details: Each contact will populate with available photos and contact info in a newly-designed card, including a map if an address is available.

The windows 8 version was also updated and the new update raised the number up to version 5.1. The major update in regards the windows 8 version is the new design including some of the features available on the windows 10 mobile version. Although some adjustments needs to be fixed in place. The truecaller app is also available on Android, iPhone, blackberry, symbian and Nokia Series 40 (S40).

Just for the records, Truecaller currently boast of over 150 million users which is really a cool milestone.

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