A sneak peek at Blackberry’s Next Android smartphone codenamed as ‘Vienna’

For quite some time now, Blackberry has often seen a downfall in revenue from sales of it’s devices. While the blackberry 10 line of smartphones did pretty well, it didn’t meet up to expectation. That actually gave raise to the company adopting the Android operating system with the blackberry Priv which has so far, been gaining customers interest.

The company recently mentioned it would be releasing monthly security updates and hotfixes for the priv smartphone. The company’s CEO, John Chen, also recently mentioned that Blackberry has other range of smartphones to bring to the limelight after the Priv.

Crackberry has received a tip of what has been rumored to be Blackberry’s next android smartphone and has been codenamed as ‘Vienna’.

Blackberry upcoming android smartphone named Vienna
Judging from the rendered images above, unlike the Priv which has a slide-out physical keyboard, the rumored Blackberry Vienna looks like a traditional blackberry phone with the fixed qwerty keyboard like we’ve seen on some blackberry 10 smartphones.

While the rendered images looks like a beauty to hold, no official confirmation in regards the Vienna yet and information including design and form factor of the device is subject to change over time as it’s not stated how old these renders are.

While blackberry has been off to a good start with the android operating system, it’s still quite early to fully ascertain if the company will be sticking to android operating system in their line up of devices. Perhaps, we just have to wait and see how the Vienna evolves and whether or not, the device will become a reality.

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