Blackberry Priv will be getting security updates monthly

It’s no longer news that Blackberry has decided to take sides with android by releasing an android phone. Previously code-named as Venice, the blackberry Priv can be pre-ordered for $699.

Blackberry Priv will be getting monthly security update
Blackberry describes the Priv as the most secured phone and in other to really keep up with security, the company says the device will be getting security updates monthly. This is synonymous with Google’s nexus and android one smartphones getting monthly fixes.

Blackberry also added that in other to keep releasing monthly security update to the priv smartphone, the phone will need to be registered with Blackberry’s monthly update program.

Interestingly, not just security updates will be rolled over to the Priv device monthly, critical vulnerabilities will be patched using hotfixes as they are reported. This fixes won’t be carrier specified as every Priv smartphone regardless of which carrier it’s purchased from, will be getting the patches.

The blackberry priv can be pre-ordered for $699 and that has been ongoing for weeks now. The device is expected to be released this week or next week and will likely come with a price tag of $750 for the unlocked version.

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